Benefits of Learning & Reading

Success & prosperity

Think about it, you own a huge mansion stocked with the most luxurious cars in the world, you have a beautiful family you travel the world with. You’re living your best life.

Whether you want to be wealthy, successful, or just happy, accumulating knowledge is going to help you attain it. That is why the most successful people in the world (e.g Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc) are lifelong learners and readers. They attain power, wealth, influence, success, and happiness through continually learning & reading. Think of continuous learning as the vault to success and mastery in life. Through learning & reading, you discover the secrets of life.

Advances vocabulary

According to studies, students that read regularly, tend to develop large vocabularies. Vocabulary size influences various aspects of your life ranging from scores on tests to job opportunities.

In 2019, a poll was conducted on employers to see the skills they desired to see in their employee candidates. Some of the skills desired include effective communication and critical thinking. Both of the skills are obtained through reading regularly.

Increases open mindedness

Reading helps you acquire new knowledge from the perspectives of others. Thus, helping you understand people around you better and communicate effectively.

Strengthens your brain

In recent studies, scientists confirmed reading helps strengthen the connections between your brain. As your reading ability advances, the networks in your brain get stronger.

In 2013, a study was conducted to see if reading a novel would help advance the human brain. The participants were given the novel “Pompeii” to read. After reading the novel for 9 days, the brains of the participants showed clear advancements in connectivity.

Study: here

Reduces stress

In 2009, scientists conducted a study to measure the effects of yoga, humor and reading on the stress levels of students.

It was determined that 30 minutes of reading lowered their heart rate, blood pressure, and feeling of psychological distress.

The scientists stated, “Since time constraints are one of the most frequently cited reasons for high-stress levels reported by health science students, 30 minutes of one of these techniques can be easily incorporated into their schedule without diverting a large amount of time from their studies.”

Study: here

Keeps you interesting and relevant

Regularly learning helps you acquire new knowledge. You will be able to expand your social circle and engage in conversations with new people. Additionally, you will be able to stay relevant. People around you will always be able to talk to you and learn from you.

In addition to expanding your social circle, you will be an interesting and intriguing person to talk to. You will be able to gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues. Plus, it can increase your chances of getting hired. The diversity of your knowledge can be used as leverage in a conversation with your employer to intrigue them.