Why you should deceive your competition

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Winning in life is quite hard, we all experience competition in our lives. That is why knowing how to deceive your opponent and conceal your conditions is imperative for victory. I used to have this friend that was a professional boxer, he always intrigued me with his ability to win and trick his opponents. 

Mac, my boxer friend, was the literal definition of an underdog. When Mac first started his career, he was immensely underestimated. People would make fun of him for being weak and not being big like the other boxers. When I asked him why that never bothered him, his answer was simple and amazing. 

Always appear to be weaker than you are. That was his ultimate advice. Mac believed you should always appear less confident and strong in competitions to deceive your opponent. If the enemy knows your condition they will surely have a response. 

This philosophy mostly worked and got Mac countless victories. In fact, he became one of the greatest boxers of all time. And his philosophy the whole time was simple. If your condition is hidden, you will be unpredictable. And being unpredictable is great for creating fear and winning any kind of battle. 

People that talk the most and appear to be the strongest in competitions are also the ones that are the easiest to predict. And being predictable is never good for competitions since the opponent will have a response to all of your moves, thus, blocking all paths to victory for you. 

Authors Note

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but rather also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you can implement any of the lessons taught in your life.

Book: The art of war by Sun Tzu (Amazon link


  • While strong in reality, appear to be weak; while brave appear to be cowardly. 

This is a matter of deceptively concealing your state. You should not let your opponent see what state you are in. If the enemy knows your condition they will surely have a response. 

Notice: All of the content above is fictional. 

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