Why you may not be able to be rich – Julio’s deathbed thoughts

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I had a busy family growing up, my parents worked 6 days every week. They would only have Sundays off. Since we did not spend much time together, On Sundays we would sit around the family table and read the newspaper. We would look at the page where they had news about the wealthy and successful men in town. Every one of us would take turns talking about what we would do if we were the person mentioned. 

The problem was, we admired their life. But simultaneously resented them. We grew up watching the news about how the wealthy people were bad and how they were trying to take over the world. My family resented wealthy people, however, desired their lifestyles. 

Later in life, I decided to pursue wealth and success after moving to the city. I did not want to be like my parents. Unfortunately, there was an issue. The resentment towards success and wealth was entrenched in me. 

Moving to the city only endorsed my old mindset. I felt alienated. Everyone had clean clothes and luxury goods, whilst I could barely afford proper shoes. Soon, I started resenting them for being different. I thought “why is life so unfair”. Little did I know, I was feeding my broken mindset. The same voice led me to laziness and losing almost everything. 

The people I resented for being in better conditions than me. Were the same people organizing charity events. Soon enough, I started hanging out with people who were in similar conditions with me. The guys I hung out with were punks who did nothing but party. I refused to realize my envy, instead I self justified myself by resenting the kids in better conditions. 

The funnier part of the story is, one of the guys I resented actually saved my life. In an earlier entry, I mentioned how I kept my head down and worked. Well, that is what I would like to think. I completely ignored the nights where I blacked out or the classes I missed due to my severe hangovers. 

I was only diligent during the first semester. The rest of the time I simply partied because I thought I’d never be able to get where I wanted to be. Terry (One of the kids I resented) had seen how diligent I was before. When we graduated Terry offered to get me a job at the local real estate office. 

If it wasn’t for Terry I would not be able to be here today. I learned resenting the wealthy was the method poor people used to self justify themselves. 

Always remember, you can not become something you resent. And avoid self-justification. 

Authors Note

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you implement the lessons into your life. We hope this story does more than just entertain you.

Book: Secrets of the Millionaires Mind


  • You can not become something you resent.
  • Learn how to detect and avoid self-justification.

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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