Why commitment is important for motivating your team

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In 1519, a Spanish general arrived in South America with nearly 600 soldiers. In order to show the only option was a victory, he burned all of the ships and let them sink. The general did this to show his men they either won or died. Consequently, they were successful, the 600 men conquered the Aztec empire and made history by avoiding retreat at all costs. 

This is not just a story about a Spanish general but rather about how a leader motivated his men and showed his commitment to the cause they were fighting for. Similarly, in the business world sometimes we might need to show our commitment and do something similar to convey the message “Retreat is not an option.”

Retreat is not an option should be conveyed to all aspects of your business. To your investors, employees, and partners. However, if you feel like the course of action is wrong. You can retreat, however, in any other scenario, you must be fully committed to your plans.

Say you want to create a new product. You create a division in your company to work on the project. However, you do not allocate enough money to it, neglect it, and do not seem optimistic about the product overall. Do you think your team will be motivated about building that particular product? Probably not. If your team can not see your commitment, they won’t commit either. 

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

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