Tips for finding your passion or purpose in life

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Sometimes we get caught up in public opinion or the desires of the people around us and get into a field we do not enjoy. Unfortunately, spending your life doing something you do not enjoy leads to feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. That is why finding your purpose, passion, or calling in life can help you gain a sense of fulfillment

In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it. It is not just physics that interests you but discovering something about the invisible forces that govern the universe. It is not just film or music that you pursue, but the chance to bring something powerful to life, to give voice to the deepest emotions within you. 

One way to find your purpose…

One way you can find your purpose is to go back to your childhood. You will find early signs of these interests in your childhood, in the form of certain inclinations or attractions that are hard to describe. Recognizing these interests and attractions is important because they are clear indicators of something you enjoy. They aren’t infected by what your parents or society wants. 

Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example. He would take pencils and paper from his father’s office as a kid and go to the woods to draw plants and trees. Then, he would study plants, their roots, and how they work. Leonardo was not forced to do these things, he did them because he was naturally inclined to do so. Likewise, all of us have these kinds of interests. For some, it may be playing the piano, taking photos, or doing mini-experiments. 

As you grow up,  you often lose touch with these signals from your childhood. They can be buried beneath all of the subjects you have studied. Your power and future can depend on reconnecting with that core and returning to your origins. You must dig for signs of such attractions in your earliest years. It is already there within you. You have nothing to create, you just need to dig and refind what has been buried inside of you all along. 

Book: Mastery by Robert Greene

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