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To whom it may concern

In the pursuit of success and wealth, I have realized failure is nothing but deceptive. Everyone in my friend group at college pursued a successful life with lots of wealth. Sometimes the pursuit would end up in massive failures. In one particular case, a friend of mine tried disrupting the medical industry. 

My friend who we shall refer to as Jonah was a serial entrepreneur. Jonah would constantly embark on new ventures and attempt to disrupt large industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, medical, and lots more. In one particular case, he wanted to create an application that would help doctors prescribe people from all around the world. 

Right off the bat there were several problems with the venture. One severe issue was that Jonah was just a young business student that knew nothing about the medical field. In order to disrupt the medical field, you need to have decades of experience and knowledge. 

The application would essentially connect sick people with doctors. The sick people would describe the issue to the doctor in a video call, afterwards, the doctor would write a prescription. After the sick person received the prescription they would go to get necessary medicine from their local pharmacy. 

The concept was fairly simple, it would help people in areas where the doctors could not prescribe their issue. Jonah hyped up investors and accumulated nearly 7 million dollars in funds. Everything was going smooth till a doctor misunderstood the issue of a client. 

The person suffered severe issues after taking the wrong medicine. The disaster put the company in turmoil and soon ended up getting Jonah sued by some of the biggest investment firms in the world. 

Jonah was nearly expelled from school and lost all credibility in the eyes of everyone. However, when you fast forward time. Jonah is now extremely wealthy living in a huge mansion with his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Everyone envies him now. 

The silver lining here is that often failure will be deceptive. Sometimes failing may seem like the end of the world, however, when you keep trying and learn from your mistakes. You will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. 

Every successful person in history has experienced failure, people meant to be successful are the ones that can see through the deception and learn from their mistakes moving forward. 

As Nikki Giovanni once said “Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.” 

Authors Note

In this journal entry of Julio, we learn how to deal with failure. We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but rather also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you can implement any of the lessons taught in your life.

Book: Principles by Ray Dalio 


  • Failure is deceptive, when you encounter failure, you need to learn from it and move forward.

In order to do exceptionally well you need to push your limits, and when you do you will crash. But the crash is deceptive. You will think you have failed. But believe it or not your pain will fade and you will have many other opportunities even if you can’t see them yet. The most important thing you can do is gather lessons from the failures and gain humility and radical open mindedness. In order to increase chances of success. 

In 1982 Ray Dalio was overconfident and arrogant. He publicly guessed the world would go into a great depression in 1982. He was wrong and lost everything, including his company Bridgewater. Dalio even had to borrow 4,000 dollars from his father to pay the bills. When you fast forward, Dalio is now a billionaire and exceptionally successful.

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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