This mistake can cost you relationships – Julio’s deathbed thoughts

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To Whom It May Concern: 

Hi, I’m Julio. I spent my life arguing with people around me. I’m now in my deathbed wishing I had been a better person. Money has always been scarce for me. I always had to be financially frugal. My family never really had much.

Growing up, I was always told money was the root of evil. Money was antagonized in the community my family was a part of. As a young man, I was expected to be just another lower-class servant when I grew up. Pursuing liberty and success seemed ludicrous to my parents and community. 

People like us never went to school, instead, we were taught how to garden and serve people. Unfortunately, I did not want to be a part of that stereotype. I wanted to pursue a successful career in the city. My plan was to study hard and go to a great college. That was my only way out of this life. 

After studying for countless hours, I got into a good college in the city with a scholarship. They promised to provide me with school supplies and a small dorm.

Time in college passed by quickly. I kept my head down, stayed out of the way of people, and studied hard. After college, I got a job at the local real estate office and moved into an apartment with a friend. 

Despite physically being in better condition, my mind was stuck with the mindset of my parents. My roommate and I would always fight over money. I changed 20 roommates in just one year due to my broken mindset. That mindset went on to cost me my girlfriend, friends, and every other relationship I valued. 

This went on for the rest of my life. I was stuck in a loop. I had technically reached my dream, however, felt like there was something missing in my life. It took me years to realize my mistake. I had pushed away all of my loved ones due to my financial programming.

I pushed everyone around me away because as a kid I was told to be financially frugal. When other people came along with different mindsets, we clashed and argued. I figured everyone associated money with something different. Some did so with spending it and some did so with saving it. 

Authors Note

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you implement the lessons into your life. We hope this story does more than just entertain you.

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Lessons: Everyone associates money with a different activity. If you ever get in an argument with someone over a financial problem. Try to find out how you or your partner developed the association. Afterwards, write down how that habit has affected you.

After writing it down, work on recognizing the habit in your daily life. When you start recognizing the habit, try to change the way you react to build a better habit.

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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August 26, 2020

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