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I’ve met lots of great people throughout my life, one of them was Bill. Bill was a professor in human psychology and behavior. Unlike other professors who taught from textbooks, Bill developed theories and never refrained from testing them. 

In one particular case, Bill developed a theory about using deception while negotiating. The theory entailed various deception techniques. One of them is giving options to the other side. According to Bill, In normal negotiations, the option for the other side is “yes” or “no”. When you create options, the question becomes choice A or choice B. 

Bill believed creating options would help the negotiator manipulate the other side to get what they really want. In order to prove his theory was right, Bill conducted an experiment on the university campus. 

In block A of the campus, he placed a soda vending machine. In block B he placed one soda vending machine and one snack vending machine. The experiment would essentially measure the total income of the vending machines in Block A and Block B. Bill kept the experiment running for 1 week. At the end of the week, Bill counted the amount of money Block A earned and the total amount of money Block B earned. 

He noticed the block with multiple vending machines generated more income than the block with a single vending machine. This technique may not always work, however, it is an effective strategy to try while negotiating. 

Authors Note

Noah’s handbook is a negotiating guide Noah made for his grandchildren. In this part of Noah’s handbook, we learn the most basic principle of persuasion. We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also try to learn from Noah. 

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  • Don’t leave the other party without options 

Give them the ability to choose. Let’s say I’m looking to hire you and you are requesting a 50,000$ salary from me. Now I can only afford to pay you 30,000$. Instead of saying “it’s this or nothing” which is offensive and will end up breaking up the whole deal. I can say “Look you totally deserve that and it’s reasonable but here is what I can offer.” You can give them a choice between 28,000$ and 30,000$.

They will obviously choose the 30.000 dollar one. You can slightly protest and ask if they want to make that 29,000 they will say no. Protesting slightly will give them the feeling that they won the negotiation while you are the actual winner. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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