The self-destructive human tendency – The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

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According to the Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene, as people get older they tend to internalize the doubts and criticism of the people around them. In order to explain this concept, we’ll talk about a fictional character called Jessy and her story. 

Growing up, Jessy was very ambitious. She wanted to become an astronaut and create a space company that would take tourists to space. Simply put, she had a mission that was really big. Unfortunately, her family always told her she needed to get married, have children, and become a stay-at-home mom. 

Doubt and skepticism were instilled into her by her family. Despite trying to fight their verbal attacks, the criticism became a part of her. And as she grew up, she started limiting herself. Instead of pursuing her mission, she became an accountant, married a lawyer, and had children. If things had turned out different, everyone could have benefited from her ambitious dream. 

The Solution…

While being humble and having humility can be a good quality, sometimes you need to stop being humble and truly believe in yourself. Many great leaders in ancient times such as Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, believed they descended from gods. Those beliefs translated into high levels of confidence that others fed off and recognized. 

You do not need to not believe you are the descendant of a god, but feeling that you are destined for something great or important will give you a degree of resilience when people oppose or resist you. You will not internalize the doubts that come from such moments. 

Plus, you will have more confidence to try new things and bounce back when they do not work out or fail. Being resilient and having a tolerance for mistakes are great skills in life and skills that many great leaders have. 


The limits you think you have today are arbitrary and set by the people around you. In reality, you have more potential than you can ever imagine. It is important that you continually tell yourself – sometimes even out loud – that you are destined to be great and do important things. 

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