The secret path to happiness according to The Laws of Human Nature

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There used to be a man called Tim. Tim always chased the latest trends and what he found popular or exciting. Unfortunately, he never got to experience true fulfillment because his life was controlled by greedy desires. As we all know, time is the one thing we can not bring back, and using it on greedy desires dictated by the latest trends will rob us of true joy and fulfillment. 

Tim realized that after devoting 50 years of his life to chasing meaningless trends. After his realization, Tim spent the next 20 to 30 years getting to know himself, his friends, and city better. In fact, he tried new hobbies, made meaningful relationships, and discovered his city and country. 

Instead of dreaming about going to exotic places, living in insane mansions, having a lot of friends, and controlling things he could not. Tim focused on developing meaningful relationships and making the most out of reality. We can all relate to the younger version of Tim. 

We’ve all done it…

We’ve all dreamed about traveling to exotic places, living in insane mansions, flying in private jets, and many more. While it seems like we will find true happiness when we get those things. The reality is, we will drag our negative and greedy mindset with us. The only way to solve this problem is to change your mindset. 

As Robert Greene says in The Laws of Human Nature, “In the end what you really must covet is a deeper relationship to reality, which will bring you calmness, focus, and practical powers to alter what it is possible to alter.”

If you continue being greedy and pursuing the latest trends, you will find yourself in a cycle of unhappiness and unfulfillment. Unfortunately, there is no secret sauce to help you deal with this problem. You’re going to have to train yourself and accept the fact that your current mindset is bad. If you can convince yourself, you will change your mindset and attain true joy. 

And for those who want to say it is impossible to be happy, tell that to people like Gary Vaynerchuck who were always happy throughout their life. For the record, Gary Vee immigrated to the US when he was a child and lived in a studio apartment with 8 relatives. Despite living in poverty, Gary was able to be happy and fulfilled throughout his life, not because they had money or mansions but because of his mindset. 

Happiness is a matter of mindset ladies and gentlemen, not who you are or what the circumstances are. 


  • Train yourself to be happy with what you have and stop trying to control the uncontrollable 

Instead of constantly chasing after the latest trend or popular thing, train yourself to be happy with what you have and the things you can actually control. The text below taken from The Laws of Human Nature will help you understand what this exactly means. 

“You are embedded in an environment that consists of the people you know and the places you frequent. This is your reality. Your mind is being continually drawn far away from this reality, because of human nature. You dream of traveling to exotic places, but if you go there, you drag with you your own discontented frame of mind. You search for entertainment that will bring you new fantasies to feed upon. You watch movies filled with ideas that have no relation to your daily life, that are full of empty speculations about things that only half exist. And none of this ever leads to anything fulfilling—it only stirs up more things to pursue.” – The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene 

Book: The Laws of Human Nature 

Notice: The stories and characters above are fictional 

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