The most productive way of learning – Finding a mentor

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There is only so much you can learn and experience within your lifetime and without proper guidance, you can waste your life pursuing knowledge that is already there. By finding a mentor, you can learn from the experiences of a master and save valuable years. Having a mentor is frankly one of the most productive ways of learning.

There used to be a guy called Tom who was tired of working for someone else, Tom hated his job and everyone at work. So, he decided he wanted to gain financial freedom and work for himself. Tom started researching ways to make money and narrowed his options to two things: investing in stocks and real estate 

In order to start investing in real estate and stocks, he tried learning the fundamentals of both fields, however, soon he felt discouraged due to how complex the fields seemed. There was a lot to be learned and a lot of options to be pursued. Tom spent several years studying both fields and trying to find the best option for himself. 

He lost a lot of money and nearly went bankrupt. Fortunately, Tom met an investor during his journey who became a father-like figure for him. Instead of going to his parents for advice, Tom started asking his new friend what he should do. The investor taught Tom a lot and directed his attention to the right things. 

After receiving advice from his new friend, Tom was able to focus on the right things and save valuable time. Just like Tom, you might need someone to guide you and help you focus your attention on the right thing. 

You don’t necessarily purpose to people when you want them to be your mentor, it’s more subtle. If you meet someone with more experience or knowledge in a field and ask them for advice, they would technically mentor you. A mentor can be anyone that guides you. 

Here are some options for finding a mentor: 

  • Read (or watch) biographies: 

It’s not always easy to find experienced individuals in a field. So, sometimes you might need to find someone that has accomplished what you want to do and learn their story. If you want to be a great investor, you can read the biography of Warren Buffet or if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you can read the biography Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. You get the point. 

  • Connect with them on social media 

Social media, especially Linkedin, is a great place for finding experienced individuals. You can find someone in your field through social media and ask them for advice. Sometimes people will ignore you, however, you would be surprised by how nice and helpful people generally are. 

If you want to decrease the chances of you being ignored, you can figure out a way to add value to them. You might have a skill that could be helpful to them or maybe you are willing to work for them for free to learn from them. 

  • Join communities or events they might be attending 

Clubhouses are an example of places where lots of experienced people hang out. There might also be online communities where these kinds of people hang out. You can also try attending seminars or organizations. Websites like are great for finding online events. 

Authors Note

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but rather also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you can implement any of the lessons taught in your life.

Book: Mastery by Robert Greene 


  • Finding a mentor is the most productive way for learning. 

Notice: The story above is fictional. 

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