The best way to deal with gurus

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During your path to reaching your goals and aspirations, you will see gurus online or in real life trying to teach you how to be more successful, rich, and powerful “like them”. This article will teach you how to deal with those people and the truth about them. The truth is these people are actually scammers. 

Don’t trust gurus, whether a business guru or life guru. Anybody telling you he knows better is more than anything disempowering you because he makes you feel inferior and elevates himself. Especially online personalities telling you to work harder, telling you they are working more than anybody are trying to make you feel inferior. 

When 99 percent of your life is work, either you are really bad at what you do or you’re completely off balance. It is not something to be proud of. That is why you should not trust people that tell you they know more than anyone and that they will teach you how to do it. 

In most cases, they are either trying to sell a course, a product, or some kind of service like consulting. You can see these kinds of people in ads and social media. While they might seem legitimate, anything or anyone requesting money to teach you something that is available for free is a scam. 

Book: Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

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