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Mastery by Robert Greene analyzes historical figures like Charles Darwin and Henry Ford to determine how they attained success and prosperity. This book has insight regarding finding your purpose and mastering any field you want. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone interested in finding a purpose in life and attaining success should definitely read Mastery by Robert Greene. 

Chapter 1 – Discover your calling 

Key lesson(s): 

All of us have a purpose in life, a calling that guides us towards things that we must accomplish. It is easier to find your purpose and calling when you are a child since your desires and goals are not infected by your environment and the people around you. You have a clear idea of what makes you happy and what you are good at. 

The source of your unhappiness might be your lack of purpose and lack of connection to who you really are. When you lose what is authentic about you, you become liable to being sad and lost in life. Knowing your purpose in life will help you find your way to the proper career path and everything else will fall into place. 

In order to find what your purpose or calling in life is, you can go back to your childhood and look at things you enjoyed doing. As a child, we tend to do things that we are naturally curious about, like painting or singing. So, look back at your childhood and determine your natural inclinations. 

Chapter 2 – Submit to reality

Key lesson(s): 

While most of us do not realize this, we enter an extremely critical phase after formal education in our lives. Think of this phase as a second, more practical education. Since we are taught to learn from books as children, we never learn practical skills. Thus, when we reach the age of independence, we are not ready for the harsh realities of life. In this phase of our lives, we learn practical skills that set us up for success and mastery. 

Since we are not sure about our identity, we might think the important thing in the real world is getting a good job and possibly becoming wealthy. We might eventually find our way, however, during this period every time you change careers or develop new skills, you re enter that phase of your life. Which can lead to developing insecurities. 

When we look at masters and successful people, we see that they used this time in their lives to absorb as much information as possible and learn everything about their fields. They focus on learning as much as possible and observing what makes people successful in that field. Masters don’t focus on things like positions, titles, and money but rather transforming their minds. 

Chapter 3 – Absorb the master’s power 

Key lesson(s): 

There is only so much you can learn and experience within your lifetime and without proper guidance, you can waste your life pursuing knowledge that is already there. By finding a mentor, you can learn from the experiences of a master in the field you want to be successful at and save valuable years. Having a mentor is one of the most productive ways of learning. 

Mentors will help you focus your attention on the right things and will know how to challenge you. They will be able to give constructive and realistic feedback on your work and help you improve rapidly to save the limited time you have. 

Chapter 4 – See people as they are 

Key lesson(s): 

Most people get exhausted in their pursuit of success due to the manipulative and resistant behavior of the people around them. They are not able to understand people effectively and understand what motivates them. Social intelligence is the ability to read people and the ability to see their intentions and motives. Having social intelligence in your pursuit of success will help you save the time you would have otherwise spent on being emotionally drained. 

Social intelligence is the process of approaching something more realistically. It involves focusing our attention outward instead of inward, developing the observational and empathic skills that we all have naturally. It means moving past our tendency to idealize and demonize people, and seeing and accepting them as they are. In order to be socially effective, you have to understand people, and to understand them you have to get outside yourself and immerse your mind in their world. 

Chapter 5 – Awaken the dimensional mind 

Key lesson(s): 

After developing new skills and accumulating information about your field, your mind will have the desire to be more active and pursue new opportunities. Your mind will do this since it wants to utilize the new knowledge. Unfortunately, most people are not able to properly utilize their knowledge and start becoming a master. Not because they are incompetent but because of their attitudes. 

Most people feel afraid and want to fit in with the group instead of pursuing new opportunities and being bold. However, if you want to be a master, you must learn how to be bold and expand your knowledge to stimulate creativity and help your mind develop new ideas. 

As you start expanding your knowledge, your mind will be able to look at things from different dimensions and develop new ideas more effectively. 

Chapter 6 – Fuse the intuitive

Key lesson(s): 

If you continue to pursue your purpose in life with great passion and determination, you will develop natural intuition for solving complex problems in your field. The intuition you develop will help you attain great intelligence, solve problems, and develop new ideas with ease. The only thing you must do is pursue your purpose to its limits. 


It is hard for us to capture all of the lessons taught in this book. We are going to be releasing content teaching lessons from this book soon, stay tuned!

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