Secrets of the millionaire mind

  • Author: Harv Eker
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Harv Eker

Harv is a successful entrepreneur and multi-millionaire. As a child Harv always had the ambition to be rich and successful. He dropped out of college in his first year because he thought he was not going fast enough. Harv wanted to join the real world and become successful. He thought he’d be able to be a millionaire in a year or so. However, things did not turn out so well for him.

Early Ventures

Harv launched multiple businesses during his first few years. Unfortunately, none of them turned out as he anticipated. He luckily never went bankrupt and homeless, however, he had days where he had to choose between filling his car up or eating. After a few years of being in the real world, he was in a state of turmoil. None of his businesses were successful, and his ambition and enthusiasm were exhausted.

Harv finally hit the jackpot after some time. He opened one of North America’s first retail fitness stores. Harv was able to open ten stores in just two in a half years. Afterwards, he sold a part of his company to a Fortune 500 company, thus, making himself a millionaire. However, within 2 years the money was gone. This was due to bad investments and poor money management. Harv was once again broke.

The million dollar lesson and writing the book

Harv realized pursuing money would not lead to wealth or the desired success. He started developing his theories about the mindset of wealthy and successful people. His theories included the emotional relationship between successful people and money, the programming of people, and the financial blueprint of people. Through his research, he learned everyone had a financial blueprint set for them that would determine their financial future. In addition, he learned this blueprint could be changed to obtain higher levels of financial success.

During the times of inner turmoil and depression, Harv vowed he would help everyone else get rich if he ever was to obtain financial success. In order to keep his promise, he wrote the book Secrets of the millionaire mind.

Secrets of the millionaire mind:

Secrets of the millionaire mind contains the principles and lessons Harv learned during his pursuit of success and wealth. The book explains why certain individuals never obtain financial success. One of the groups of people that the book mentions is lottery winners. Most of the time the money obtained through the lottery is blown away on bad investments and poor money management. This is due to the financial blueprint of these individuals. Harv goes onto explain how these people are programmed to spend money when they find money and/or save it to buy things like houses and cars. It is explained that the rich use their money to invest and buy assets whilst the poor save their money and act frugally.

Rich talk about Net work…

Another point touched in the book is: the rich talk about net worth and passive income while the poor talk about active income. Harv talks about how wealthy people prioritize their net worth which consists of passive income (money earned without active labor), active income (salary or hourly wage), and assets (Things like rental property). While the poor only prioritize their active income. It is stated that the poor trade their time for money. Therefore, they are unable to obtain financial success.

Resenting the rich…

One of the other points mentioned is the resentment poor hold against money and the rich. Harv states that you can not attain something you attain. The saying “Money is the root of all evil” is a common saying amongst poor people. Every person determines what they get in life. The energy we put out in the universe is essentially what determines what happens to us. If you believe you are no different than a wealthy individual and believe you can obtain wealth, you will be able to obtain wealth. Harv states that essentially the universe responds to your mindset.

Therefore, if you resent money. The universe will not grant wealth to you. Harv goes on to explain how the poor antagonize the rich to self justify themselves.  One of the stories he talks about is the time he moved to a rich neighborhood. The first time Harv moved to a wealthy neighborhood, he did not socialize with his neighbors. However, one day when he was picking his kids up from a neighbors house his neighbor invited him in. Harv was amazed by how friendly they were. In fact, they even invited him to a BBQ. During the BBQ everyone around him talked about charities and doing deeds. That was the day he realized antagonizing the rich was the way poor people justified their situation.


Lastly, Harv mentions declarations you can read out loud to yourself to change your mindset. Said declarations can be found in the citations. Some of these declarations include “I observe my thoughts and only entertain those that empower me”. Harv goes onto mention his seminars and testimonials from people who have attended the seminars.


Overall, the secret of the mind of a millionaire is a great book for people who wish to learn more about the mindset and programming of successful and wealthy individuals.


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