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The Bezos Letters entails lots of great advice from Amazon. Steve Anderson analyzed letters Jeff Bezos wrote to shareholders and interviews Jeff Bezos gave about Amazon to find out strategies Amazon used for becoming a huge success.

One of the chapters entailed questions Amazon employers asked themselves when hiring and questions Amazon asked prospective employees. The questions can be found down below.

Questions to ask yourself when hiring:

  • Will I admire this person (meaning does this person add any value to you and the company and will you be able to learn from this person)?
  •  Will this person raise the efficiency and standards of his or her team? 

Questions to ask prospective employees:

  •  When was the last time you faced a challenge with multiple solutions, What was the problem?
  • How did you determine the course of action?
  •  And what was the outcome?
  • When was the last time you took a risk, make a mistake or fail?
  • How did you respond?
  • And how did you grow from it?
  • Describe the time you took the lead on a project?
  • What did you do when you had to motivate or promote collaboration on a particular project?
  • How have you leveraged data to develop a strategy?

According to Anderson, these are some of the questions Amazon uses to hire people.

Book: The Bezos Letters (Purchase on Amazon)

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