Proof – Learn How To Negotiate From Noah Pt.4

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You are constantly attempting to persuade people in your life. Whether you’re trying to win your friend over to your way of thinking or trying to convince a business associate to do what you want. You’re trying to persuade them. 

Before I can give you professional tips on how to persuade people. You need to know the most basic principle of persuasion. I learned this principle as a student from my social studies teacher in high school who I shall refer to as Mr. Robert. 

Mr. Robert wasn’t just my social studies teacher, he was a mentor to me. We often debated on history, politics, and more after school. Unfortunately, I constantly lost the debates. Everytime we debated it seemed like Mr.Robert was superior. 

I felt overwhelmed and inferior when debating with him. Whenever I debated about the same topics with my friends, I mostly won. With Mr. Robert, I felt inferior. I was never able to win in a debate with Mr.Robert. 

After some time I realized how Mr.Robert constantly won. When debating with my friends, we made verbal arguments with as little as no evidence to support the arguments. The person with the most arguments would win. The arguments we made could be wrong, however, as long as they seemed valid it counted. 

Unfortunately, when you debate with someone knowledgeable on the topic. The quantity of your arguments does not matter neither does your arguments seeming valid. Mr.Robert always backed his arguments by evidence. All of Mr.Roberts arguments were evidence based. 

Ever since then, I have practiced being evidence based and have encouraged everyone around me to do the same. Supporting your argument with facts further validates your argument, thus helping you persuade the other side. 

This principle is quite obvious, but yet ignored in lots of arguments. Being evidence based can help you in all kinds of negotiations. In business negotiations showing documents such as your budget can help you validate your point and persuade the other side. In arguments with friends, you can use websites or videos to validate your point. 

Regardless of the situation, being evidence based is the most fundamental principle of negotiating. 

Authors Note

Noah’s handbook is a negotiating guide Noah made for his grandchildren. In this part of Noah’s handbook, we learn the most basic principle of persuasion. 

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also try to learn from Noah. 

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  • Always be evidence based and encourage others to be the same. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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