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Being a negotiator for law enforcement is quite hard, you have to deal with ruthless criminals that have nothing to lose. Since criminal organizations did not want their men arrested, they would blackmail ordinary people to go to jail for them. They precisely found people with families living in poor conditions. 

The criminal organization had different tricks to convince people. One of them was to promise a better life for their family if they went to jail. Most people accepted the offer, who would not want their family to live in better conditions? As law enforcement, we knew the people being arrested were not the real criminals.

Fortunately, we knew how to get people to confess the truth. We would use their families to influence them. Since the criminal organization did not commit to their promise, it was easy for us to show how their families did not actually receive aid from the organization. Using the family of the victim helped us gain valuable information about the actual criminals.

The family was the inner circle of the victim, both law enforcement and the criminal organization knew how to use it to influence the person. Likewise, the inner circle of people or organizational entities (i.e companies) can be used to influence them. You should not go around blackmailing people or trying to get them to do bad things, however, you can use this to get good things done. 

This trick helped us restore justice and make sure nothing bad happened. You should also use it for good deeds. Everyone has an inner circle that influences them, for people it can be their wife, family, and friends. For companies, it can be their clients, vendors, and supply chains. 

Authors Note

Noah’s handbook is a negotiating guide Noah made for his grandchildren.

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also try to learn from Noah. 

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  • Everyone and everything has something that influences them such as their inner circle. 

When Herb Cohen’s wife was looking for a house, she found a house Herb would not like. Instead of trying to persuade Herb, she tried a different technique. She signed up the kids to the school nearby and left the dogs in the house as well. She did this because if his inner circle supported the decision, It would be easier to influence Herb’s decision and would be hard for Herb to back out of the deal. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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