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In Steve Anderson’s book Bezos letters, Anderson mentioned questions businesses can ask themselves when trying to scale. Scaling can often be intimidating and overwhelming for business owners. However, scaling is inevitable for everyone who wants to become big. 

Like every other big company, Amazon had to scale in order to get where they are. According to Anderson, the following questions were the questions Bezos used. 

1)  What are the biggest barriers for customers in doing business with you?

2)  What can you make easier for existing customers to increase their business with you?

3) What’s the most complicated or complex part of the customer’s experience with you and how can you fix it? 

Anderson also made remarks on why Amazon constantly scaled and pursued innovation. One of the biggest vulnerabilities of a big company is the fact that anyone can make them go obsolete. In many cases, it’s preventable. Anderson states that every business owner should seek ways to make parts of their business go obsolete using technology to avoid a competitor doing it for you. 

The philosophy of always competing with yourself is the philosophy all great business owners should possess. When you’re not working to innovate your business and make parts of it go obsolete using technology, a competitor will do it for you. 

Book: Bezos Letters by Steve Anderson (Amazon link)

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