How to predict the future – Julio’s deathbed thoughts

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To whom it may concern

Would you like to predict the future? If yes, what would you do if I said there was an actual way to predict the future. It might have its flaws, however,  the strategy still remains as one of the best ways to predict what might be coming. 

I learned the strategy from a friend of mine. Emma (my friend) was an excellent investor. At the age of 17, Emma discovered a method for essentially predicting the future. The strategy had certain flaws, however, was quite effective in investing. 

Emma learned the strategy from an old book about investing located in her local library. The book was quite old, from around 87 years ago. Emma found the book when she was wandering around the public library. Wandering around the library was Emma’s favorite activity. She would pick random books and start reading them. 

That is how she came across the cause and effect method. Emma loved learning, especially learning from old sources. She believed old books had lots of great tips to offer. 

Anyhow, Emma’s strategy might seem obvious, however, most people don’t realize how crucial it can be in predicting the future. In fields like investing studying the cause and effect relationship of things can help you win more. Emma would first research everything related to the company she was investing in. 

If the company was a tourism company, she would take into account weather, visa conditions, the political condition of the country, attraction towards the country, and more to predict whether or not the company would be successful.

Most of the time her calculations worked, she got lots of ROI by simply doing research anyone can do. Emma also had another strategy, studying history. If you have not noticed by now, history constantly repeats itself. We can see lots of patterns that repeat themselves throughout history. 

Through studying history, Emma was able to predict major world events and adjust her investments accordingly. If she believed a major economic crisis was approaching, she would adjust her approach to minimize any damage. 

Both of these strategies may seem incremental. They aren’t perfect, like all things in the universe. They also have flaws. However, both of them are effective strategies for predicting what is coming. 

Authors Note

In this journal entry of Julio, we learn how to predict the future. 

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but rather also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you can implement any of the lessons taught in your life.

Book: Principles by Ray Dalio (Amazon Link)

Lessons: There are 2 lessons mentioned in this entry to help you predict the future. 

  1. Study the cause and effect relationship of things to predict the future. 

Ray Dalio would study the cause and effect relationships of everything. For example he was interested in livestock, meat, and grains. He learned the process for growing and delivering the products. He would be able to guess how much meat would enter the market and when by observing how many cattle were fed, how much grain they eat, and how fast they gained weight. 

  1. Study history to be able know the future: history always repeats itself. As you study history you will find continuous patterns in events. 

Ray Dalio would study history because most of the crises in the world have always repeated themselves. He believes learning history is quite imperative. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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