How to optimize a group sale as a salesperson

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We all know McDonalds. It is the second most recognized brand in the world right after Coca Cola. Ray Kroc was the man behind MacDonald’s huge success. Before discovering McDonalds, Kroc worked as a salesman. 

Kroc has sold multiple products as a salesman, some of the memorable products he sold included paper cups and milkshake machines. For a short time during the great depression, Kroc also worked as a real estate agent in Florida. Kroc and his colleagues would organize group tours to sell multiple houses at once. 

During the tours, Kroc would look for cues with his colleagues. Whenever someone showed signs of boredom or lack of interest. They would separate that person from the group to win them back. This made sure everyone was genuinely interested in the product. 

Thus, they would get the most out of that tour. This principle could be applied to any group project out there. Whether you are a salesman or a teacher. Using this principle will help you make sure everyone is genuinely interested in the activity. 

Book: Grinding it out (Ray Kroc’s autobiography)

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