How to obtain a loyal customer base

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If you have ever watched Jeff Bezos speak about Amazon, you probably heard him talk about customer obsession. Amazon is a company obsessed with serving their customers and providing the best possible service. 

That is exactly why Amazon has been able to obtain/retain a loyal customer base. If you have ever contacted Amazon support, you probably realized how helpful their support services are. In Amazon, policies are made to guide employees not block them from solving the problem of the customer. Support agents are expected to offer maximum flexibility to increase customer satisfaction. It is imperative for Amazon that customers are not left dissatisfied. 

Amazon also emphasizes the importance of being proactive. They have set up AI that can detect possible problems customers may experience.  Once a problem is detected, Amazon does everything to solve it. 

Amazon’s continuous customer obsession has led them to tremendous growth.  There are a few things we can learn from Amazon. 1) Be customer-obsessed not competitor obsessed. 2) Policies should be there to guide support agents, support agents must offer maximum flexibility and do everything to satisfy the customer. 3) Be proactive, identify any possible problems the customer may encounter, and do everything to solve those problems. 

Undoubtedly, Amazon’s formula can help all business owners improve their businesses. 

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