How to judge someone’s true character

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Often people don’t show their true character or conceal certain qualities. Which manipulates our judgment of them. If you are a leader or just a person that wants to see what people are really like, observe others under pressure or while they’re stressed. Most people won’t have any filters and will reveal certain qualities they have concealed while experiencing stress or tension. 

Let’s say the head of sales at company A wants to make sure her employees can effectively handle customers and close the deal. So, she arranges surprise tests where the salespeople of the company are tested with obnoxious customers while there is a deadline. The goal of the test is to see how well the salespeople will handle the pressure and what qualities they will expose while doing so. 

During the test, the head of sales took notes and closely observed the hidden qualities of her salespeople. After doing so, she created a training program that helped her employees deal with their weaknesses in all kinds of scenarios. Consequently, they created a superstar sales department that could sell anything to anyone. 

This doesn’t just apply to business but all aspects of life. As Robert Greene, the author of several best-selling books, says “Stress or tension can reveal flaws in people that they have carefully concealed from view. It is often wise to observe people in such moments, precisely as a way to judge their true character.”  

Book: The laws of human nature by Robert Greene 

Notice: The story above is fictional 

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