How to effectively deal with problems and disasters

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Whether it is in business or life, we all experience problems and disasters. Often we dwell on the problem and get mad at ourselves, others, or the conditions for the failure. Unfortunately, as we all know, dwelling on problems or disasters does not fix anything. That is why in times of crisis, we must develop the habit of finding and assessing options. While doing so might sound obvious, most fail to actually implement it. 

There used to be a restaurant owner called Lucas. Lucas was an entrepreneurial boy that wanted to start working. His father insisted he became the manager of the family restaurant. Unfortunately, right after Lucas started his new job, a pandemic disrupted the restaurant business alongside several other industries. 

The restaurant was on the brink of bankruptcy when Lucas decided to open a delivery service. While other family members were complaining about how the restaurant might shut down and whose fault it is, Lucas compiled the options they had and assessed them. The only viable path was starting a delivery service. Lucas took a portion of the family savings and paid an already established food delivery service to list their restaurant. 

Shortly after getting listed, the restaurant started earning money again. Which saved it from bankruptcy. The only reason it survived was because Lucas did not cry or complain about the problem just like his family. Instead, he was option-oriented, he looked at how other businesses survived or went bankrupt and took notes. Afterwards he compiled a list of paths they could take and decided to open a delivery service. His resilience and nimbleness saved the family from losing their major source of income.


You do not need to have a business to do this, we are confronted by problems and disasters in all aspects of life. The important thing is your ability to learn and iterate without crying or complaining about the problem. Many people understand the past can not be changed but proceed to complain about it. 

So the next time you are confronted by a problem, be different. This time think rationally, don’t let your emotions manipulate you, and assess the options you have. 

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  • Option orientation 

Instead of dwelling on the mistake, focus on the options you have. If a crisis happens instead of complaining about the problem, present solutions and assess options. 

Notice: The story above is fictional. 

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