How to decrease the odds of losing anything

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Let’s say someone offers you a million dollars. The catch is they will flip a coin if it’s tales you will get a million dollars. If its heads, you will give them a thousand dollars. It’s a dilemma, most people would decline because the upside of the deal is less than the downside.

Instead of declining, you can take a calculated risk by increasing the number of people on your side. If you were to get 10 people to pitch in 100$, you would only lose 100$ or gain 10,000$. The odds are simply better when you increase the number of people on your side.

Likewise, with any risky project. You can decrease the downside while increasing the upside by gaining the commitment of people around you. Getting help from others can help you in several ways:

1) By dispersing the overall risk you take advantage of the favourable circumstances.

2) Since your associates share the same anxiety level and lend their support to you, your stress and anxiety level will be reduced.

3) The dedication and commitment of your group will give power vibrations to others.

Your ability to gain everyone’s commitment will only make you more powerful. Involvement brings Commitment and Commitment brings power.

– Herb Cohen

Book: You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen

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