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All of us have times where we are in a bad mood or have depressive moments. Those moments can actually serve a positive purpose if you know how to deal with them and use them the right way. Usually, those moments are your brain’s way of telling you to slow down by lowering your energy level. 

It is important that you start out by realizing that the mood you’re in today will not last long and won’t be with you next week. Let’s look at a fictional character called Jim. Whenever he experiences a bad mood or low energy levels, he starts doing things that will elevate his energy. Like playing with legos or cycling, basically doing things he enjoys. 

If not, then he channels his energy into work, especially doing art. You can also use such times to tap into your unconscious. Externalize your unusual sensitivity and your dark feelings into the work itself. 

Either way, you need to understand that what you’re feeling right now will pass and channel your energy into doing something like art that can elevate your energy and help lift you out of the mood. And by art, I don’t mean just drawing. You can also do photography, write something, etc!

How to deal with people in a bad mood… 

The common misconception is preaching how good life is will make the low-energy level or bad mood go away. If you are the friend that always talks about how good life is when someone is down, you are doing no good. 

Instead, go along with their gloomy mood while subtly drawing them into positive experiences that can elevate their moods and energy without any direct appeal. 

This lesson is from: The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene 

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