Using expertise to get what you want– Learn how to negotiate from Noah pt.2

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I’m a professional… 

How many times have you or someone around you heard a salesman go “Trust me, I’m a professional”. Undoubtedly everyone has fallen for this trap. Whether it was your friend using this strategy or a presidential candidate. We have always trusted them because they were so-called “professionals” at their jobs.

It’s hard to argue with a so-called “professional”. That is how some of my friends made their money. One was a security officer and the other one was a salesman. I’ll cover both of them.

How to use the technique

First the officer, Security officers don’t get enough to sustain an adequate life. That is why John had to use his badge to make extra money. Stores in John’s patrol area always paid him extra money cause John would tell them stories about other stores being robbed. He would add how the stores were not saved because they were not favored by the local security force. Of course, the stories were made up. 

However, the stories made him lots of money. He repeated the same process with various stores and ended up becoming quite wealthy from scamming people. Whenever people showed signs of being doubtful he talked about his experience and how he was a “professional”. John knew how to neutralize anyone.

My second friend, the salesman. Sold so called “custom/foreign” products. Austin would buy products from local stores and redesign them to look foreign. Afterwards he would market them as “exclusive” and “foriegn” products. 

The strategy worked every time. If the client turned doubtful or interrogated Austin. He would pull the I’m a professional card. “I’m a professional at this, trust me. The guy selling this product is my close friend. He has been in the business for 10 years now”. Naturally, the other side was neutralized.


It’s easy to fall for this trap. There are two types of professionals. The ones who are actual professionals and leverage that to work in their favour like the security officer. Then there are the ones who act like professionals like the foreign product salesman.   

Always be on the lookout for these types of people. One thing you can do is ask for help. A simple “Help me” or “I don’t get it/ I don’t understand” will disarm most professionals and render their leverage invalid. This is an easy way of exposing so-called professionals. 

On the other hand, the “I’m a professional” method can be used in your favor. You can do what the security officer or the salesman did to get what you want without being doubted. Just don’t use it in a bad way, don’t lie. 

Authors Note

We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also reflect on the lessons mentioned. See if you implement the lessons into your life. We hope this story does more than just entertain you.

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  1. Leverage your experience and knowledge to get what you want. 
  2. Use “help me” or “I don’t get it” to disarm/expose the professional in a confrontation. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this entry are fictional.

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