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Odin spent his life trying to stop people from trying to condemn, criticize, or complain. Despite all of the studies and experiments, he conducted to prove, condemning, criticizing, and complaining did not help with anything. People proceed to do it. It was perhaps due to people being stubborn. 

One person Odin learned a lot from was his father. Odin’s father abandoned him at just the age of 5. He had to learn how to live on his own. The only activity Odin could do to forget the burden on him was to read books and conduct random experiments. 

Whilst reading one day, Odin came across a book about being understanding and forgiving. The book changed the way he viewed people and the world around him. While everyone around him condemned, criticized, and complained about his father. He chose to believe complaining had no benefit.

Odin had grown up in a household that constantly watched mafia movies. Instead of focusing on the action, Odin studied the behavior of the bad guys. What he found was an intriguing result. Whenever people condemned, criticized, or complained about the mafia, the mafia would further justify themselves and refuse to accept what they had done. “I don’t see how I could have done things differently” or “I was just defending myself” were popular justification statements of the mafia.

He learned condemning, criticizing, and complaining only further strained relations and prevented any progress to be made. In fact, that discovery led to Odin being more forgiving and understanding.

Later in his life, Odin decided to track his father down. Eventually, he was able to track him down and meet with him. When they met, Odin asked why he had abandoned him. The answer left Odin shook.

“I had received a loan from an illegal organization because banks would not grant us a loan. We did not have any money to pay for your expenses. My salary was not enough. Once you were born, I could not go to work. I had to take care of you while your mother recovered. Eventually, I was fired. We could not pay the loan, so I was forced to get into crime.” said his father

Odin did not know what to say, he felt overwhelmingly confused. As if he was a preschooler learning about multiplication. Following the overwhelming feeling of confusion was a moment of realization. His family had not given any credit for the bravery his father had shown. 

The sacrifices made by his father were huge. At that moment Odin knew condemning or criticizing never led to anything. He also found out his father had refused to contact his uncle due to all the complaining.

Condemning, criticizing, and complaining may give momentary satisfaction. However, the long term results will not be desirable. It will strain relations and prevent progress. It is more beneficial for one to be understanding and forgiving.

Authors Note

In this book, we examine Odin’s notebooks and learn how to win friends and influence people from him. We wish our readers don’t just simply read this story but also try to learn from Odin. 

Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Purchase book on Amazon)


Any fool can condemn, criticize, and complain. Most fools do. It takes character and self-control to be forgiving and understanding.” – Dale Carnegie

It takes character and self control to be forgiving and understanding. Instead of condemning people let’s try and understand them. Let’s try and figure out why they did what they did. That’s a lot more beneficial than criticizing and condemning. Plus being forgiving will breed sympathy, tolerance, and kindness. As Dr. Johnson once said “God himself does not judge a man till his life is over. Why should you and I.” 

Benjamin Franklin, a man who was so diplomatic and named as ambassador of the US to France once said “I speak ill of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody”…. 

Notice: All of the entities and locations mentioned in this story are fictional.

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