Avoid this mistake at all costs when you start something

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If you are not sure about something when you are about to start, avoid starting that thing. Skepticism and doubts will affect your actions and effectiveness. It’s way better to enter new things with boldness. If you are confident and make a mistake, you will be able to fix that mistake quickly with more confidence and it will make you stronger. 

However, if you’re skeptical and you fail. You will lose all confidence and that small mistake or failure can screw everything up. It is important to be confident and bold when you start something new. No one admires scared and doubtful people. Skepticism and doubtfulness creates roadblocks while confidence and boldness solves problems and removes roadblocks. 

Being bold and confident is also important for persuading people. Take scammers for example. We believe scammers because they appear to be sure of themselves. Think about people selling pyramid schemes, they appear really confident about what they’re selling. 

And when most people see that confidence and boldness, they feel compelled to agree with what they are saying. In fact, confidence and boldness is the whole reason people like Steve Jobs prevail in business. Their belief in their product and confidence infects the people around them. 

However, we are all flawed and not immune to feeling skepticism. Which means you can still feel those things. But be careful with letting it affect your work. There is a line between feeling things and letting them get in the way of your work and success. 

Book: 48 Laws of power by Robert Greene 

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