Amazon’s six-page memo for improving your business

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Amazon is known for being one of the most innovative companies. Their company culture and beliefs have led to dominance in every industry they enter. In a culture that values constant innovative thinking, effective communication is quite imperative.

With that said, Amazon has made guidelines for effective communications within the company. The two-pizza rule (Two pizzas should be enough to feed everyone in the meeting, meaning if everyone in the room can’t be fed with two pizzas. There are too many people in that meeting.) is a good example of rules for effective communication.

Amazon also uses the six-page memo technique for effectively expressing innovative ideas. Employees are expected to write memos (usually around 6-10 pages) about their ideas. The factors covered in the memo are down below.

  • Marketing Strategy (How you will tell the world about this project and how you will tell people this is important) 
  • Answer questions people may have (FAQ) in advance. 
  • Define user interaction (explain how it works)
  • Write the manual (Write down the directions for the project) 
  • Who is the customer?
  • What is the customer problem or opportunity? 
  • What is the most important (singular) customer benefit (choose one benefit but make sure you chose the most significant one)? 
  • How do you know what the customer needs/wants? (talk about how you came up with this and the origin of how you know this will work and will be wanted). 
  • What does the customer experience look like? (Anticipate how the customer will react)

Employees are expected to write several drafts and ask their peers for advice. While the memo is only around 6-10 pages, it takes a few weeks to complete it. Maximum quality is expected.

Amazon’s six page memo can help business owners improve their business and effectively communicate new innovative ideas. Amazon’s six page memo is a great technique we can all learn from.

Book: The Bezos Letters by Steve Anderson (Purchase on Amazon)

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