3 tips to help you with persuading and convincing people

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Persuading is an essential part of all of our lives. We all try to convince people on a daily basis whether that is your parents, teachers, or colleagues. With that said, down below are some manipulative persuading strategies. 

Color the choices: This was the favorite technique of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was President Nixon’s secretary of state. Kissinger considered himself better informed than his boss. But if he tried to determine what to do, he knew he would offend or enrage a man who was quite insecure. 

So Kissinger decided to purpose three or four choices of action for each situation and would present them in a way that the one he preferred always seemed the best solution compared to others. Time after time, Nixon fell for the bait, never suspecting anything. 

Alter the playing field: In the 1860s, John Rockefeller wanted to create an oil monopoly. If he tried to buy up the smaller oil companies they would figure out what he was doing and fight back. Instead, he began secretly buying up the railway companies that transported the oil. Rockefeller altered the playing field so that the only options of small oil producers had were the ones he gave them. 

The shrinking options: Raise your price every time the buyer hesitates and another day goes by. This is an excellent negotiating strategy to use on indecisive clients, who will fall for the idea that they are getting a better deal today than if they wait till tomorrow. 

Book: The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene 

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