What does Nerdy Joy do?

Nerdy Joy is an award-winning platform that helps students build a foundation for a happy & successful future through it's lessons and has a community aspiring to help each other with their goals!

When was Nerdy Joy founded?

Nerdy Joy was founded on May 15th, 2020

Is Nerdy Joy legit?

Yes, Nerdy Joy is accredited by The International Trade Council and recognized as one of the best education technology startups in South Korea. 


How can I become a content creator at Nerdy Joy?

Please visit the become a content creator page for information on how to start

How is the quality of information checked at Nerdy Joy?

Nerdy Joy audits every lesson before it is posted on its platform and makes sure it is from credible sources. If the lesson is from the experience of the content creator, we make sure the advice is not harmful, hyperbolic, or false. 

We also make sure the lesson is going to benefit and educate our users. 

Which sources do lessons on Nerdy Joy use?

Lessons on Nerdy Joy can be from books, research, essays, and the experience of the content creator or a famous figure. 

Is the Nerdy Joy community safe?

At Nerdy Joy, we strive to create a community that is supportive and safe. We require the name and email of every user before participating in our platform!

What is verification at Nerdy Joy?

The blue check next to the profile of users on Nerdy Joy means they are verified users. Verification is given to active Nerdy Joy users!