What is a Nerdy Joy content creator?

Nerdy Joy is a community-led education platform. One of the things we help you with is monetizing knowledge you gather from nonfiction books. 

If you are a nonfiction reader that wants to monetize your knowledge, please read everything down below and fill the form down below!

How does content creation work on Nerdy Joy?

In order to ensure utmost quality, every post is pre-formatted. You will be allowed to teach 1-5 lesson(s) in every post you create. 

You can either write the post, create an audio lesson(s), or create a video explaining the lesson(s). 

The following document entails a comprehensive guide for producing lessons 


Once you create the document, email it to contributor@nerdyjoy.com. The lesson will be audited and published by us under your username. 

Monetizing content

Under maintenance… 

How are posts moderated?

Once you apply through the form down below, we will email you with the details for posting content. 

Once you create a lesson or book review following the guidelines given in this page, email them to contributors@nerdyjoy.com. 

Our team will audit the lesson and post it on Nerdy Joy under your username. We audit all of the lessons manually to maintain our education standards. 

You will be notified if the lesson is edited or denied entry. 

How to start

1. Fill out the form down below

2. We will immediately get in touch with you once you do so. You will receive an email from contributors@nerdyjoy.com. 

If you do not receive an email from us, you can contact help@nerdyjoy.com or check your spam folder.