About Us

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Our story!

Throughout history, one of the biggest complaints about the education system has been the lack of personal development. A year ago, we started thinking about this exact problem and how we can help students build a strong foundation for a better future. 

The students around us, whether in college or high school, were not learning essential knowledge like how to stop procrastinating, have a better mindset, how to make money, and much more. 

Without this essential knowledge, we knew that the youth would not have a strong foundation for the future. With this in mind, we decided to create a service that would help students incorporate personal development into their lives with a supportive community aspiring to help each other improve!

We hope you enjoy Nerdy Joy and find it useful!

Why the name Nerdy Joy?

We chose the name Nerdy Joy because the term “Nerd" refers to someone that is intellectually advanced. And “joy" basically is being happy.

So, the overall meaning is:

Nerdy: Improve yourself and become smarter 

Joy: While doing so, become happier and live a happy life!

Some facts about us!

Our mission

Our mission is to be your life-compass and create a community where you can develop yourself and meet like-minded individuals. 

What makes us different?

– Storytelling: We offer insight from books through storytelling. Learning through fictional and realistic storytelling maximizes the retention and comprehension rate of our users.

– Concise and Comprehensive: We pay attention to making our content as concise as possible while still making it comprehensive. It takes around 2-5 minutes on average to read or listen our content.

– Community: Interact with like-minded people, learn from others, discusss your ambitions, and reach your dreams and ideal life with a supportive community. 

Our core values

Serving You: Your needs and desires as a Nerdy Joy user is our number one priority. Nerdy Joy is a customer-obsessed company, our only mission is to help you reach your dreams.

Time: Nerdy Joy respects your time, our content is made to help you manage your time adequately. In less than 5 minutes you’re able to learn principles from the world’s best non-fiction books.

Efficiency: We aim to provide all of our users with efficient learning. Nerdy Joy provides you with 2-5 minute concise/comprehensive articles & stories that bring you key insight from life-changing books. You can also listen to the audio version of our content if you prefer to listening over reading.

Creativity: Here at Nerdy Joy we value creativity, we believe creativity can be a source of happiness to everyone in the world. It can unlock new worlds and fundamentally change our lives.

Curiosity: We believe curiosity is a large contributor to success and happiness in life.

Community: Your network is your net worth, that is why having ambitious and enthusiastic people around you is important. Nerdy Joy aims to provide its users with a productive and helpful community where they can help each other and reach their aspirations and goals together.