Build the foundation of an amazing life with Nerdy Joy!

Nerdy Joy is a platform that helps students build the foundation of a happy life and succeed in their personal lives!

What does Nerdy Joy help you with?

An amazing life!
Our lessons, gamified experience, and friendly guidance bot are here to help!
A supportive community!
Join a supportive community with students that want to help and motivate each other!

What do we exactly do?

Our teaching style
We use books, research, and experience as sources; our lessons are short and clear!
Which topics?
We have lessons on success, wealth, relationships, motivation, happiness, etc!
Who teaches?
Content creators that want to share their knowledge!

What makes us special?

Lessons on Nerdy Joy do not overwhelm you, are practical and are not easily forgettable!
Our supportive community makes the process of improving your life easier!
Our friendly bot, Joyer, will guide you through your journey and show you the right path!
Our lessons are only around 2-5 minutes long and are short & easy to understand!

Still skeptical?

Click the demo lessons below to get a taste!
How to deal with commitment issues
If you can not start or finish projects or commit to a relationship, this lesson is perfect for you!
6 Ways to build better relationships
Learn how to build better relationships!

Key Milestones

The International Trade Council invested 150,000 USD into Nerdy Joy and provided accreditation!
We were selected as one of the best ed-tech startups in S.Korea alongside the education divisions of firms like Samsung.